Health & Wellness
A complete multi-service physical rehabilitation clinic and skin rejuvenation centre,
providing the best possible care in a multidisciplinary, collaborative environment.
Physical Therapy

We offer physical therapy services for treatment streams that include private treatments, sports injuries, WCB injuries, motor vehicle injuries and insurance disability cases.

Cosmetic Treatments

Skin Care Treatments that help skin integrity by enhancing the appearance, restoring natural beauty and repairing specific skin conditions.

Lime Health & Wellness

Cor Van Raay YMCA
Suite 74 Mauretania Rd West

Downtown Lethbridge
440 - 4th Ave S Lethbridge, AB
Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 5E9

Ph 403 380 0082 •

Lime Health & Wellness
Cor Van Raay YMCA 2115 - 74 Mauretania Rd West.
Ph 403 380 0082 /